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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ }); Mumbai Sept 26, 2019:Mumbai-based start-up, The Sleep Company today announced the launch of Smart Grid mattress, a unique product in its category. The patent pending Smart Grid structure and the super stretchable material enable it to takes the shape of the body - buckles down on the hips and shoulders while stays firm on back, keeping the spine straight. This helps in reducing pain points and ensuring a comfortable sleep all night every night. Placed in the premium category, the mattress is available in two models designed especially to cater to the consumer needs. These are The Sleep Company 1.0 and 2.0, which have received a thumping response from consumers across the country within few weeks of its launch because of dual benefits i.e. comfort and positive effect on health of the customer.   The Company is of the view that Lifestyle coupled with an increased awareness will propel the growth of the brand. Priyanka Salot, Co-founder, the Sleep Company said, “According to a study, after Poland, India reported the highest average number of sick days due to body pain. Our patent pending Smart Grid mattress distributes weight and gives pain relief to different body parts. With the unique offering we are hopeful to make waves in the mattress market.” As per estimates, about 70 per cent of Indians suffer from some form of body pain or the other. According to her, the issues that confront this industry are a lack of innovation in the mattress segment in India. Without any product innovation in the space, Salot saw the potential that the market held. She added,” We all continue to use same old mattresses made of foam, spring, coir, memory foam which was developed in the 1960s. So, with a vision to transform the Industry, we undertook the whole process of developing a consumer product from scratch – even working with DRDO scientists to develop the technology. The result is a mattress that comes with a Smart Grid aimed to relieve body pain.”  Harshil Salot, Co-founder, The Sleep Company said, “Consumers are changing too, as they are willing to pay for better products. Since the quality of mattresses available in India lags far behind similar products in other countries, there is an opportunity for us. We have created a new segment, without compromising on the health aspect of the customers and at the same time ensuring comfortable sleep to them.” Salot, pointed out that consumers use a mattress for almost a decade compromising either on health or comfort. So, it is critical to raise awareness about it. The company continues to invest heavily in research and development to ensure they stay a step ahead of the competition. The company is targeting to have a lion share of the Indian mattress industry which would reach Rs 14,000 crore by 2021 at a compound annual growth rate of 9%. The company products are also available on e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart. About The Sleep Company The Sleep Company is a Mumbai based start- up, established with a mission Happy & Healthy Sleep. To upgrade the sleep quality for every individual. The mattresses are the outcome of years of research and each layer has been crafted with Sleep Science at its foundation, so as to ensure your sleep is happy & healthy. Source: Free Guest Posting Articles from

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